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Research Funding Selection Criteria for Turfgrass Proposals

Please review the research funding selection terms for turf management proposals at the California Turfgrass & Landscape Foundation near Los Angeles, California. Process transparency is the key to our success.

Selection Criteria

The Research Committee evaluates proposals based on the following criteria. Please contact us directly with any questions.
• Quality Of Research Objectives & Ability to Conduct Timely Research
• A Clear & Concise Research Plan Highlight the Scientific & Societal Of Stated Research Goals
• Innovative Approach To a Common Issue or Potential Problem for California Landscapes
• Likely Results of Research Will Have an Immediate & Beneficial Impact On Appropriate Industries or Audiences
• Qualifications of the Researcher & Their Team, Including Past Research Successes
• A Demonstrated Ability To Effectively Disseminate Research Results To Influence Purchasing or Management Decisions
• A Realistic Budget With Matching Funds, If Available

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Protocols and Timelines for Proposals

The CTLF Board of Directors, working with the Research Committee, will annually establish applied research goals and objectives. Such criteria will be finalized at the March Board of Director's meeting. An announcement will be posted on the CTLF website requesting a call for proposals. Depending funding availability, a second round of proposals may be solicited. CTLF reserves the right to delay the start of any approved proposal.
• June—Research Committee Reviews Proposals
• July—Research Committee Submits Recommendations to the Board of Directors  
• August—Award Letters Delivered to Successful Proposal Candidates
• August—Contracts With Deliverable Schedules Are Signed

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Research Committee is to identify appropriate research topics to benefit the turf and landscape industries, as well as the California residents. Potential research topics include:
• Improved Salt-Sensitive Landscape Plants
• Assessing New Drought-Tolerant Grasses & Landscape Species
• Developing Updated Landscape Irrigation Strategies
• Reducing Water Use Within Budgets for California Landscapes

Our Process

The Research Committee is responsible for generating Request for Proposals and announcing deadlines for future research proposals. Once proposals are submitted, the committee will review each entry and generate a list of preferred project candidates. The committee will then submit their recommendations to the CTLF Board of Directors to make the final determination for funded research projects.

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Lend Your Support

CTLF welcomes the support of individuals and public entities to underwrite our research efforts. Please give
generously to help California institutions find new ways to develop landscape management solutions.