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Research Proposals On Turfgrass or Drought-Tolerant Grasses

California Turfgrass & Landscape Foundation (CLTF) near Los Angeles, California, invites scientists to submit landscape research proposals for funding on topics such as cultivating drought-tolerant grasses and more. Please review our proposal criteria and deadlines to be considered for research funding.

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Proposal Requirements

We seek proposals of no more than five pages in length, including a cover page, for conducting research on selected topics. Researchers are invited to submit proposals on topics corresponding with the major areas of interest. These are:
• Turfgrass Research, Including Development Of Drought-Resistant Species & Cultivars

• Water Conservation Of Turfgrass & Landscape Plants
• Management Of Salt-Affected Turfgrass & Landscape Species
• Development Of Landscape & Turfgrass Irrigation Strategies

Level Of Available Funding

Annual funding will be available to back as many high-impact research projects as possible. CTLF does not pay any administrative fees for research projects. All funds provided are for actual research. We will distribute funds in accordance to a mutually agreed-upon interim and final deliverable schedule.

Proposal Content

Please review our criteria for submitting a research proposal. If you have any questions, contact the CTLF directly.
• A Title Page With a List Of Investigators and Research Team Members
• Statement Of Purpose With a Concise Summary Describing Why the Research Needs To Be Conducted
• A Clearly Defined Scope Of Work With a Detailed List Of Objectives
• A Thorough Materials & Methods Section, Including Locations Of Proposed Experiments & a List Of Treatments
• A Timeline With a Realistic Deliverable Schedule Must Be Included
• A Brief Explanation Of the Expected Outcomes & How the Research Will Benefit California
• A One-Page Budget Including Detailed Line-Item Expenditures
• A List Of All Other Sources Of Funding, Including Matching or In-Kind Donations—This Is Mandatory

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Proposals are due to the Research Committee Chair by 5:00 p.m. PST on June 1, 2016. Proposals received after this date will not be considered. CTLF reserves the right to request interviews with principal investigators via a conference call or in person, if necessary. Interviews are not an indication of a proposal's status or preference. In addition, interviews may be required for further clarification of proposal objectives.