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Whether you are researching drought-tolerant grasses or salt-sensitive landscape plants, please review our specifications for submitting landscape research proposals. Funding is available for many turfgrass subjects.

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Please review our selection criteria to secure research funding for your turf management project. We also discuss the role of our Research Committee in the selection process.

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About Us

California Turfgrass & Landscape Foundation near Los Angeles, California, provides funding for practical research project development in the areas of turfgrass science and landscape management. Founded to support cultivation and growth of resilient turf strains for golf, sports turf, or landscape management, our backing is essential for recreational initiatives and local conservation efforts.

Our research committee identifies appropriate research topics that will benefit many sectors in the state of California. Potential research topics include areas like improved salt-sensitive landscape plants, creating innovative landscape irrigation techniques, and reducing water budgets in California. Please review our call for proposals to understand current criteria for our selection process.

Our foundation was created more than 20 years ago to support turfgrass researchers. Founded by former golf course superintendents, major funding for projects came from the golf industry, but as the times change, we adapt to serve our communities. Consider supporting our efforts by giving generously to ensure that researchers can develop landscape conservation solutions to benefit local communities.

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